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[ORACLE] How do I upgrade the AHF.

Hello everyone!!!

I hope you're doing well!

In my last post here, I've showed how to install the Oracle Autonomous Health Framework (AHF).  

Today, I'll show how you can upgrade the AHF and how to use the auto upgrade as well.  

But always remember:

  1. This step-by-step worked for me, but it may not work for you.
  2. It's a basic and limited environment. The real life will be different, for sure.
  3. This post is for study and testing as well, and has no concern for performance and security best practices.
So, let's get started!!! 

1) Download the AHF zip file

I'll download the last version, "AHF 23.8.0 for Linux". 

Important: I'll execute all opertations with user ROOT.

2) Check the zip file

There is no need to unzip the file.

3) Check the AHF services 

tfactl print status

4) Set to stage for upgrade (if you don't run auto upgrade process)

ahfctl setupgrade -swstage /u01/AHF

Important: If you don't run the setup upgrade, you'll receive the error below:

5) Finally, I'll run the upgrade

ahfctl upgrade

6) And now, I'll check the services

tfactl print status

The upgrade process also removes the zip file from the staging area.

You can make the process easier if you configure the auto upgrade process.

If you run this setup before upgrade, you don't need to run the stage setup (step 4):

ahfctl setupgrade -all

Enter autoupgrade flag <on/off> : on
Enter software stage location : /u01/AHF
Enter auto upgrade frequency : 30
AHF autoupgrade parameters successfully updated
Successfully synced AHF configuration
refreshConfig() completed successfully.

More information about auto upgrade here.

And that's it my friends. AHF has been updated and is ready to use!!!

So, I hope this has helped.


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