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[Oracle 23c] How to create and run an Oracle 23c test environment faster using Docker in four commands.

Hello all

How are you doing?

Today, I'll show how you can create and run a basic test environment with Oracle 23c using Docker with four commands.

Yes my friend, four commands!!!

But always remember:
1) This step-by-step worked for me, but it may not work for you.
2) It is a basic environment. Real life will be different, for sure.
3) This post is for study and testing only and has no concern for performance and security best practices.

As the UFC guy says, it's showtime!!!

1) Create New Container
docker run -d -p 1521:1522 -e ORACLE_PASSWORD=SysPassword1 -v oracle-volume=/opt/oracle/data gvenzl/oracle-free:latest

Important: If you have run it for the first time, the image download has been executed.  

2) List and rename the new container
docker ps
docker rename c814e75ee041 Oracle23c

3) Access the container Oracle23c
docker exec -it Oracle23c /bin/bash

And thats it!!! As simple as that!!

For this test, I used these fonts:

I hope this tip helps you!


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