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[Oracle Autonomous JSON] Create new Instance on OCI Free Tier

Hello all!!!

How are you doing?

Today I'll show how you can create an Autonomous Database JSON instance on OCI Free Tier.

I'll use the instance in future posts about JSON and Oracle.

But always remember:
1) This step-by-step worked for me, but it may not work for you.
2) It's a basic and limited environment. The real life will be different, for sure.
3) This post is for study and testing as well, and has no concern for performance and security best practices.

So, let's get started!!!

1) Select "Oracle Database" in menu

2) Click on "Autonomous JSON Database"

3) Click on "Create Autonomous Database"

4) Select the Compartment - Never use the Root compartment, put other information (Display name, Database name) and password as well.

And now, I'm waiting for the conclusion of the process.

A few minutes later, the Instance is ready for use.

That's it my friend!! Easy!!!
I hope it helps you!


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